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The rustic look is a design aesthetic that has really stood the test of time and will continue to be a popular look for cafe’s, bars and restaurants for many years to come. The beauty of this design philosophy is it’s authenticity, rustic interiors are often created by focusing on function over form. This simplistic and often more neutral trend lends itself perfectly to a wide range of hospitality environments for a number of reasons. As well as being an aesthetically pleasing yet practical interior design option, it’s also an excellent way of letting your interior tell a story and take your customers on a journey that they will want to revisited time and time again.

If you’re looking to incorporate this popular design trend into your restaurant, bar or cafe, below are some tips on how to add rustic charm to your space.

Whether you choose to create an industrial or more rural rustic space, your choice of materials is going to play a vital role in creating your desired look and feel. Natural materials such as timber, leather and even metals such as iron feature heavily in any successful rustic interior scheme. Your choice of furniture is usually the best way of adding natural materials to your design scheme. Adding table tops made using reclaimed wood and pairing them with high quality timber dining chairs is a surefire way of adding a rustic vibe to any hospitality environment. 

timber dining chair 

The Spire range is a great option for any rustic scheme, made in Poland this simplistic, compact and lightweight dining chair was designed by Polish designer Gregorz Gancarczyk. This practical yet stylish timber dining chair can be easily stacked when not in use and is available in 3 colours. 

Spire range timber bar stools

If you’re looking for a more casual seating option, then consider the Pita range. The pita stool is another functional piece of furniture that doesn’t compromise on style. Available in a range of colours, this stool is suitable for a number of different environments including hospitality, education or even domestic applications. If you want to really add some character and charm consider mixing materials and adding either the stainless steel footrest or leather seat cushion to the the pita stool.

The Lulu stool is another option is you’re a fan of furniture that uses a mix of natural materials. Unlike the spire or pita ranges listed above, the lulu stool has a more industrial feel. The solid ash timber seat, which is available in 3 colours, contrasts beautifully with the black, powder coated frame giving, this seating option a truly unique look.

timber dining chairs


Your choice of materials is also important when considering flooring options. Choose something that will suit the honest and believable rustic vibe you’re aiming to create whilst also being functional and suitable for commercial use. Again choosing timber or similar natural materials is the way to go. Installing timber flooring has many benefits. It is easy to clean whilst being strong and durable, it’s also available in a range of different finishes depending on the look you desire. The great thing about using timber flooring or furniture is that it ages beautifully over time. Every scratch tells a story and as the wood oxidises and get sun bleached over the years this adds depth, character and a patina effect that only adds to its rustic appeal. 

Another important factor to consider when designing a space filled with rustic charm is your use of colour. Neutral tones are often a good choice and will compliment features like natural wooden flooring and timber dining chairs. Think warm earthy tones that will create a cozy atmosphere for your clientele. Greens, browns and even deep grey tones are all perfect for creating an authentic, rustic vibe. When considering colour choices it’s also important to remember that lighting plays a vital role in how colours look and change throughout the day. In order to stick to a more rustic aesthetic avoid using harsh, artificial light and instead try to rely on natural light where possible. Lighting choices can make a break an interior design scheme, so think carefully before installing fixtures and fittings that may not suit your desired theme. Soft mood lighting and candles can create a romantic, intimate and comfortable vibe that's well suited to a rustic setting.

bar and restaurant timber furniture


Hopefully the tips listed above has given you some inspiration on how to add a touch of rustic charm to your bar or restaurant. However big or small your project is Multi Seating offers a wide and diverse range of furniture and seating options that are suited to any commercial space. Contact us today to discover how we could help you to create a unique space that tells your brand's story.