Everyone working in the hospitality industry will tell you that the weather can be the one thing standing between you and profitable, fully-booked day. Although that’s not the only thing the weather can bring with it, with your cafe furniture on the frontline and often breaking down at a faster rate if the right furniture hasn’t been chosen. If your tables and chairs will continue to be exposed to the elements, here is how you can adapt to the changing weather and get more out of your beautiful cafe furniture in Melbourne.

Consider What Materials Will Be Best

Consider what materials will be best You have no doubt been tempted by the beautiful timber options that would look fantastic in your alfresco area, but all too quickly this cafe furniture will expand and eventually rot when exposed to enough wet weather. What’s more, the sun can often be responsible for bleaching the colour from your speciality timber, leaving it lacklustre and dry.

agate armchair

Explore plastic and metal alternatives like the Agate Armchair for your outdoor cafe furniture in Melbourne, and enjoy greater longevity from your pieces which will remain looking their best, all year round. In addition to keeping their form, metal and plastic will also not absorb water, and so they can be dry and ready for diners after a quick wipe. Don’t surprise your guests with a wet timber seat that takes the whole day to dry through.

How To Mitigate The Changing Weather

While it’s preferable to seek the right materials for your cafe furniture from the outset, there are a few ways to mitigate the changing weather that are within your control. Seat covers provide more than just comfort for your diners, as they are also shielding the chair seat and back (depending on the covers) when covered. Seat covers can also be a great way to add a pop of colour to your cafe, although remember that they are likely to fade and be worn over time if exposed to enough wet weather. Be sure to choose quality flat-seated cafe furniture like the Moon Armchair so that you can have the option of seat covers.

moon armchair

Only Shop With Manufacturers

The saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ couldn’t be more true when considering cafe furniture in Melbourne. At Multi Seating Co, we are honoured to service a portfolio of loyal customers who know that when they select furniture from our wide range, they won’t need to be replaced. As co-owners of a manufacturing plant, our team can ensure the quality of every item, and provide detailed care instructions to keep your cafe furniture in Melbourne looking its best. All Multi Seating Co furniture is made to meet Australian standards, with hospitality operators able to place a custom order if they are looking for a unique concept for their cafe or restaurant.

There are a number of cafe furniture options available at Multi Seating Co, and our experienced staff will only recommend items that will suit the unique business style and infrastructure of your cafe. Visit Our Website to find out more