The interior design choices you make for your restaurant can be just as important as the food and drinks you choose to offer your customers. Good restaurant interior design is all about providing your customers with an experience they will want to come back to time and time again.

Yet improving the overall look and therefore the atmosphere inside your restaurant may not require a complete interior redesign. Sometimes updating restaurant furniture is all that’s needed to improve a spaces ambience and overall dining experience.

Below are 6 design tips that could help you spice up the look of your restaurant.

Rearrange your seating arrangement


restaurant interior

The layout of your dining area is an extremely important factor in creating the ultimate dining experience for your customers. You want to make sure that you have ample seating and utilise the space to its full potential whilst also proving enough breathing room. If you feel that your space is slightly cramped then a simple re-arrange of existing tables and chairs may be extremely beneficial. You may also want to consider updating Dining chairs or your Tables and table bases to give the illusion of more room in smaller spaces.


Create a visual focal point


restaurant furniture

Adding a visual focal point that demands your customer’s attention is a great way of giving your restaurant the wow factor. If your space lacks visual interest then installing a decorative wall mural or large piece of art can often be more effective than adding smaller decorative details or a simple lick of paint.


Revamp your outdoor area


restaurant outdoor furniture

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor area then it’s important not to overlook it when making your interior design choices. Try to think of your outdoor area as a true extension of your restaurants interior. Invest in quality Outdoor tables and chairs that are functional, comfortable and inviting. Having a well designed outdoor area that is functional all year round will really improve your customer’s dining experience whilst also increasing your restaurants capacity.




restaurant lighting

Lighting is an important factor in any successful interior design scheme and especially important in restaurants. The right lighting can set the scene inside your restaurant, improve overall customer experience and even make your food offering look more appetising. Adding or updating mood lighting can be an excellent way of spicing up the look and feel of your restaurant. It is also something that can be done relatively quickly and may be easier and less time consuming than updating flooring or painting work.


Create an intimate bar area


restaurant bar area

Having a designated bar area where your customers can chill out and relax before or after their meals can make your restaurants interior seem much more upmarket. The simple addition of a Bar setting in a quiet corner will give the space a more intimate feel and will also allow your restaurant to cater to different types of customer. If you want to create a bar setting within your restaurant’s outdoor area then ensure you provide protection from the elements. Providing heaters, umbrellas or even just blankets will ensure customers can use the space all year round.


Bring the outdoors in 


restaurant outdoor seating area

Adding greenery in the form of indoor plants can greatly improve your restaurants interior design scheme. The great thing about using plants is that there are so many different types of plants available, allowing you to create a truly unique look. Plants can also be a more cost-effective option when compared to other pieces of art or decorative objects. When choosing to add plants to your restaurants interior design scheme be sure to check that your chosen plants are well suited to the environment and that they are non-toxic.


Hopefully, the above points have given you some inspiration on how to improve your restaurants interior design scheme. Multi Seating have everything you need to update the interior or exterior of your bar, cafe or restaurant. Whether you’re looking to simply update your tables and chairs or give your establishment a complete overhaul, Multi Seating will have a range of dining chairs, tables, bar settings and stools to suit your individual needs.