With the number of people who choose to regularly eat out or work away from home ever-increasing, having Wi-Fi, good food and great service is simply not enough to keep a hospitality venue thriving and more importantly, customers coming back. Today’s customers are on the lookout for an immersive and engaging hospitality experience, a location that tells a story, portrays strong brand values that they can agree with and of course, a spot where they can create that all-important Instagram moment!

Hence the importance of well-thought-out hospitality design. Colour, flooring, lighting and furniture choices all play a key role in telling your brand's story and taking customers on a journey they will want to revisit time and time again.

So, what’s expected for Interior design trends in hospitality during 2020? Below are our predictions for the year ahead, along with key items of furniture that will play a vital role in bringing these future trends to life.

Playful Elements

Bold colours and playful elements will play a strong role in hospitality interior design in 2020. Many designers will stray away from more traditional design choices and instead create spaces that are quirky and exciting. Organic shapes, strong use of colour such as pastel tones and clever use of mixed materials can provide an interesting yet relaxed and casual atmosphere for your patrons. 

Think terrazzo worktops, polished concrete flooring and a light-hearted colour scheme of pinks, yellows, greens or blues. With the addition of quirky art and other decorative items as a backdrop, you’re sure to create a space which will get people talking. When it comes to furniture choices opt for pieces that make a real statement such as the Peacock seating range, the organic shape, fun colour choices and mix of fabric and leather are perfect for this trend and will add a comfortable yet eclectic feel to your venue. What’s more, the peacock seating range is sure to provide an Insta-worthy spot for even the most discerning customers. 


Multi-Use, Shared spaces

A cafe, restaurant or bar is no longer used for a single purpose and these days customers expect a space that’s suitable for an array of activities. On top of that 2020 will see hospitality design catering for the growing number of people who now eat, work and travel alone. In order to create a buzz around a large group of ‘lone’ customers, create a space that lends itself to the ‘Isolated togetherness’ phenomenon. Encourage customers to share their space whilst having enough room to work, exchange ideas or collaborate with peers. 

When it comes to designing a shared, multi-use hospitality space many have opted for a stripped-back approach that allows artwork, lighting choices and other accessories do the talking. Using furniture that can be used for different purposes, such as stools from the  Pita Range, is also a must and will give customers the freedom to make the space functional for their needs. Items such as this can be easily moved around in order to create more or less space depending on the customer’s needs and will also encourage people to create a space on a shared table instead of sitting alone. 




For many years sustainable design has been increasingly important and 2020 is no different. Using more eco-friendly materials or opting for locally made items are both excellent ways of reducing your carbon footprint whilst still creating an aesthetically pleasing hospitality environment. 

And as designers become more aware of the importance of sustainability, so too have customers. For a while now, many of Melbourne’s best-loved cafes and bars have opted for a more pared-back, natural look with great success. Using repurposed or upcycled objects for decoration, a neutral colour palette and mixing and matching furniture creates an authentic look and organic feel to a space. Avoid overly fussy design choices and instead choose furniture that is fit for purpose and purely functional such as a simple timber chair from the Spire Range


When it comes to designing the perfect environment for your customers, it's all about understanding your target market. Creating a space that fits your customers’ needs, whilst providing lifestyle or interior inspiration is essential and will ensure customers return time and time again. Today’s customers respond well to brands and locations who hold similar values to their own. So ensure you stay true to the company values you wish to express through all aspects of the design process. Doing so will transform your space into a place that both old and new clientele will want to be a part of. 

Multiseating offers a wide range of commercial-grade hospitality furniture with something to suit both existing and future interior design trends. As well as offering a mix of high-quality locally-made and imported hospitality furniture, we’re also able to help with custom orders giving our customers the option to create a truly unique aesthetic in a range of hospitality environments. Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve the perfect look for your space.